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The course of the treatment

- At the first thorough examination we have to take tooth-colored fillings and crowns in the mouth into account. These cannot be whitened, thus have to be accounted for in order for the treatment to be successful.

- A thorough oral hygene treatment is conducted (depuration, polishing)

- The dentist records the initial color of the patient’s teeth

- We take a cast impression of the lower and upper dental arches; based on those the lab technician creates a tray for each, which have to be filled with dental bleaching gel.

- The patient - having been provided with extensive guiding information - uses the night time tray(s) for one week.

- After the week is over, they attend a checkup examination at the dental clinic, and the long expected results will not fail to satisfy them.

This method may take longer than others, but at the same time the sensitivity and moreover the pain normally accompanying dental bleaching is negligible with this kind of procedure.