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What can I personally do to avoid periodontitis?

Since there are 4 main basic factors responsible for the development of periodontitis, studying up on these can help with the solution.

Local factor inside the oral cavity
Proper dental care, tooth brushing technique, oral hygene treatment, annual checkup at the dentist.

General health factor
Researches into the immune system support the idea that immune-cells are also responsible in the development of periodontitis (Prof. Kawai, Forsyth institute USA). Professional literature and clinical surveys imply that there is a connection between periodontic inflammations and other chronic illnesses. There is plenty of evidence regarding diabetes being a risk factor of periodontitis, and vice versa, periodontitis will worsen the regulation of blood sugar level with diabetes sufferers. Moreover, it will raise the probability of heart attack, stroke and premature birth. The problem is caused by the constantly present bacterial invasion in the bloodstream. Diseases that are diagnosed and treated in time are easier to be kept in check!

Health conscious behavior
Smoking will raise the chance of periodontitis by five-fold. Alcohol should be consumed moderately. Sports and stress free lifestyle is recommended.

In recent years, researches pointed out the prominent role role of antioxidants. These have the ability to protect and restore living tissue. To achieve our daily intake of antioxidants, we have to consume a hearty amount of fresh vegetables and fruits (primarely dark berries). Some significant antioxidants: 1. Vitamin C, 2. Vitamin E, 3. Vitamin A, 4. Coenzyme Q10, 5. Flavonoids