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The treatment of periodontitis

Like every treatment, this kind is also preceded by a thorough examination of the patient, and part of that is the patient’s detailed summary about their oral hygene habits, eating habits, possible smoking and alcohol consumption, and also previous or ongoing illnesses. This is followed by a panoramic X-Ray examination (through which every tooth will be portrayed), and then by an extensive oral examination by the dentist.
What does the oral examination cover?

- color and curve of the gums, their bleeding tendency
- possible occurrence of plaque
- measurment of pocket depth
- possible movability of teeth

By these examinations, we can categorize teeth into three groups:

- those we can surely depend on
- those that can be saved
- the ones we will surely lose

Following this, we prepare the treatment plan which includes on one hand the necessary periodontic process, on the other hand the –if needed- plans for future prosthetics for possibly missing teeth. During the recovery period after periodontic operations the dentist has to see the patient regularly. Without the supervision of perfect oral hygene, success cannot be guaranteed, that’s why the role of the patient is greatly accentuated. They have to attend annual checkups until they are cleared complaint free through three consecutive checkups.