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We cannot disregard the role of dental laboratories in dental work, on the contrary! Apart from a few exceptions, our work conducted in the dental clinic is completed at the dental laboratory, when the technicians create the patient’s prostethics based on the casts we took earlier. Thus the end result is greatly influenced by the dental technician’s person, and the quality of work they deliver! Fortunately we found the laboratory that can answer the challenges of the 21st century, and we have been with them for the last ten years!

Our lab technician responsible for aesthetic dentistry (Katalin Füri) exercises her skills as a true art – no surprise that she has several artists in her family. With her coworkers, she is the proud recipient of several domestic and foreign prizes. The preciseness of our common work is enhanced by the online contact between us where important information can be exchanged quickly between dentist and their technician.

Fogászati labor Mosonmagyaróvár

Individual Bite Adjustment

The essentials of this are that the dentist can measure and record accurate data of the patient with an appliance, which is then sent to their lab technician together with the casts. This way the technician receives as detailed data as if the patient was personally present at the dental lab, fully guaranteeing individual and high precision prostethics!