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Autokláv fogorvosi sterilizálás Mosonmagyaróváron

In the world these days, where infections and contagions are commonplace everywhere on Earth, we can be reassured by the thought that the development of sterilization guarantees our full safety at places such as a dental clinic. With the introduction of autoclaves we took a great step toward the protection of both the health of the patients and of the clinic’s staff. These appliances allow us to – aside from metal instruments – also completely sterilize dental tools that contain plastic and rubber parts too.

What are we using?

In our praxis we use a Canadian Statim 2000 cassette desktop steam sterilizer. This appliance is one of the achievements of sterilization’s development. Its extremely short cycle time (6 minutes) allows us to fully sterilize instruments between two consecutive patients. Biologically it is completely reliable, it provides a 100% protection against any microorganisms. On account of its cassette system, it can be opened close to the treated patient and the sterile instruments used for the procedure can be taken out directly.

Guaranteed operation

The safe operation of the appliance is checked every ½-1 year in accordance with strict rules. Of course our appliance has several certificates, such as CE and TÜV certificates recognized within the EU and also the FDA certificate accepted within the US. (images of certificates attached)