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Pain Management

Fájdalomcsillapítás Mosonmagyaróvár fogorvos

„Pain is least known to a specialist in anatomy, a little bit more to a physiologist, quite well to a clinicist, but best to the patient.”

(Max Kantner)

Dental and surgical procedures can be painlessly carried out these days owing to modern anaesthetic procedures and medicines. However, there’s a growing demand – both from the side of the patient and also from the dentist carrying out the procedure - for the treatment to be fear and anxiety free as well as pain free.

Patients fear pain the most, and the fear is mostly about the „unknown”, that is the patients don’t know exactly what is going to happen to them.

Those who ever been through any kind of dental treatment know, how good it feels to hear a few reassuring words coming from the attending dentist, or when – sparing no time and effort - they explain the potential prospects through the healing process to the patient.

An informative dentist, who treats the patient as an equal party, can ease their anxiety, not only calming them down, but also creating the most important thing: the trust of the patient.

Our praxis is built on this unfailing foundation, and we are getting reassured day by day that we are on the right track.