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Sleepless Sedation

(nitrous oxide sedation, inhalation sedation)

We employ nitrous oxide sedation through inhalation (with the help of an anaesthetist), primarily for counteracting anxiety and fear. In proper dosage it can be used without side-effects. Patients who visit our clinic arrive from their usual daily stress, and with nitrous oxide we can get them in a state where they can relax easier.

What you should know about nitrous oxide treatment:

- You must not consume solid food for four hours prior to the treatment. However, you can have a small amount of water or fruit juice.
- You must give a detailed report to the dentist about your other illnesses, medication, prior hospital treatment.
- You have to bring your prior test results and/or discharge summary (medical and dental records).
- You have to make sure to report your acute illnesses because a patient with fever or cold/flu cannot be treated with nitrous oxide.
- If the anaesthetist finds everything in order, the treatment can be implemented.

The technique of nitrous oxide treatment during the dental procedure:

- Prior to the treatment pure oxygen (100% O2) is administered for 2 minutes.
- After that nitrous oxide is given to the patient until they are comfortable and relaxed.
- The dental procedure is carried out while maintaining dosage.
- After the procedure oxygen is administered again for 3-5 minutes.

During the time of the nitrous oxide treatment, the anaesthetist is continually documenting the course of the procedure and the state of the patient (takes a sedation record).

After the treatment

After the treatment we observe the patient, we question them about their experience, and ask them to put those in writing too. From those we can deduce if the patient is maintaining their consciousness and coordination.
If they have normal coordination and they don’t experience fatigue through the observation they can even be fit to drive. However, it’s always a good idea to arrive with an escort in this case.

When the occasion calls for it, this kind of treatment can help both the patient and us to make the procedure faster and easier, resulting from the proper relaxation and staidness of the patient. The duration of the procedure can be significantly shortened this way, and the patient may percieve it as if it was even shorter.

Through our experience we view nitrous oxide sedation as a reliable, effective and safe supplement to local anaesthetic.

Patient experience

• „It was like being intoxicated but without feeling sick”
• „Didn’t feel pain, only that they were working in my mouth.”