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X-Ray diagnostics

X-Ray diagnostics Mosonmagyarovar

Dentistry in the 21st century would be unimaginable without modern x-ray diagnostics. The spread of implantation made the development of this area outright crucial.
Since the 1990’s digital radiology has been continously gaining ground opposite to traditional, analogue imaging. Even so, its occurrence is still only 30% in European dental clinics.
Our clinic purchased a digital panoramic x-ray device made by the Finnish Planmeca company this year, and has been using it ever since, both to the contentment of our patients and to us.

What is the ALARA principle?

It stands for „As Low as Reasonably Achievable”.

What is that about?

Naturally, the radiation exposure, that affects the patient while the x-ray image is taken. Since on account of radiation the chance of cell decay increases, we have to do our best to minimize this hazard.
With digital x-ray instruments this has become a reality, we can seriously lower the dose of radiation compared to x-rays taken using the traditional method, thus protecting our patients from the damaging effects of radiation exposure!

Further advantages of digital x-ray:

-detail rich nature of the finished image, thanks to the digital imaging system and the electronic data procession. It makes it possible for us to diagnose the most minute bone alteration
- optimal data storage
- electronic storage possibility, so the patient can even take it with them copied on a CD in unaltered quality
- important part of creating an implantation plan
- electronic forwarding possibility, which makes it possible for several dentists to consult each other in case of a more complicated issue, without having to be present at the clinic


The sole disadvantage of a digital x-ray is its high price. However, this will not affect our patients. We feel that it is our responsibility that our clinic is equipped with such instruments and units that are considered state-of-the-art according to the age we live in, helping our work in this way.